Crossing The Great Abyss

One of the highest mystical states known to man is called crossing the great abyss, cosmic consciousness or Christ consciousness. This is the point where personal awareness merges permanently with the collective intelligence of the human race. This is where our souls can achieve a state of transcendence and unity. A perfect bridge of understanding is created and this bridge allows constant communication between the mental and spiritual planes.

At this point we have completed the holy tree of life within us. The trunk and branches are solid channels for spiritual energies. The roots are buried deeply in the mysterious earth and thick leaves cover branches that reach up to the stars. This analogy means that we have constructed a personal belief system that allows us to function at will on the spiritual planes and the mental planes.

Here we find love of self and love of others combined. We see others as mere illusions or extensions of ourselves. We perceive that we are real and everything else is illusion. We are a drop of spirit slipping into a great spiritual sea where we seek to lose ourselves among the other drops.

Somehow we must rise above these feelings and recognize that others are just as real as we are. Our task becomes helping others on their spiritual journey. This is the path of return to the physical world. All karmic residue becomes ashes at this point. Our karma has been consumed and we become liberated.

We discover that there is no supreme deity except the one within our hearts. All truth is unknowable and replaced by realized truth which is individual for each person. This realized truth is revealed by the Christ spirit within our hearts a little at a time. Each one of us must seek our own truth deep within our hearts. This is an individual journey.

We see the forces of chaos and order locked in an eternal loving embrace. The male energy represents expansive chaos energy and the will to change the physical world. This is the urge to become a co-creator with God.

The female energy represents restrictive order and the way things are now. As male energy joins together with female energy and becomes balanced all the other levels manifest as well. The duality that creates the universe is perceived as a balance of male expansion and female embrace. The entire universe is created out of love.

As co-creators we want to achieve our own personal desires as well as the upliftment of humanity. We desire to change the way things are. Physical reality resists us fiercely and we are stripped of all power and attainment. This is the mystery of sorrow and the physical world seeks to eject us. We don’t belong in the physical world any more.