“Kathlin Mac Murdoch!
That is my name!”
— and when you hear her say her name,
You feel:
I bid you,
Look again,
How she spreads her long fingers —
Look again,
How her magnolia lips
Stand open,
While, the moist breath of Satan,
Crawls through her clenched teeth,
Her breath.
And now,
Just watch,
How her slender nostrils
Swell as they suck in —
The power: the witch
Lustfully and greedily drinks in
The phallus scent
Of the chestnut blossoms.

— Yes, I tell you, friend:
Kathlin Mac Murdoch,
Who rushes through a love hungry world,
Serves Aphrodite and kisses Sappho,
Who makes love through sodomy —
Kathlin Mac Murdoch,
Who at Satan’s mass
Was the priestess —
— Philopygos!
— she —
Sucks the scent —
Out of flowers — !
Unmoving she sits at the window,
And unmoving
Outside stands the giant,
The chestnut tree —
Wide, proud, unmoving
He stretches his strong limbs out,
Each of which
Bears blooming sacrificial candles.

Outrageously then you hear:
That woman there,
Kathlin Mac Murdoch,
Make love to these flowers!

Suck the scent in — yourself!
What do you smell?
— do you sense it now?
It is the eternally victorious scent,
The wild scent,
The one, world building scent
From the original source of the phallus!
There she sits
Kathlin Mac Murdoch,
Surrounded by the rain,
That is life to her —

There she sits and sucks in
With all her pores
This delightful breath of a man,
She, a female, a female,
All sex
From her head to her feet!
Bend down, if you are an artist!
Here you can sense
The strange breath of this terrible flame,
That singed Salome and burned Salammbȏ:
— dissatisfaction!

-Hanns Heinz Ewers
translated by Joe Bandel