Natural law is simple! Effort is cumulative and will lead to your eventual success in life. The more we do and the more we learn through our mistakes and successes, the easier it becomes.

Cheaters and frauds refuse to put out personal effort and instead they are predators that prey upon the hard work of naïve and innocent people. The most common way that they do this is by becoming leaders and spokespersons for glorious causes and external authorities! I can’t repeat this enough! They don’t do the work themselves! They get someone else to do it!

They use the money, time and talent of others for their own personal ends and enrichment. They devise pyramid schemes and preach how we can become rich by following their advice. There is an elite in this country, that is obvious. What is not obvious is the role that the average person plays in the enablement of this rich elite.

The common hard-working and honest individual is cheated over and over and over again! And they never seem to get it! They give away their own personal power even more quickly than they can earn it! They continue to believe the lies of the few and refuse to see the obvious, that a few people are getting rich off of their efforts! Just look at the politicians! Look at the swamp!

We are being played for fools and it’s our fault for not wising up! But that is beginning to change!