A progressive energy system will reach a critical stage where it becomes chaotic, then it will change state and become a new type of energy system that is stable!

Besides being the longest basic of chaos theory, this is the most important one. As Einstein pointed out to us, matter and energy are interchangeable. We can think of anything as being an energy system if we want to. The following are some examples:

If we think about something long enough and hard enough we will start to get emotional about it. Our mental energy reaches a critical stage where it becomes chaotic and then breaks through and becomes emotional energy.

If we get emotional enough about something we are driven to physical action. Our emotional energy reaches a critical stage where it becomes chaotic and then breaks through to become physical nerve energy.

The energy must build up to a stressful chaotic level before it can break through and change to a more physical type of energy. If we fill our life with infinite regression type thoughts and worries this energy bleeds away uselessly and nothing gets done. We spend our lives living in our heads! Things need to be pressurized enough for the energy to break through!

Everything follows this basic pattern of progressive growth, disillusionment or death and then rebirth. Both magical and mystical traditions accept this and teach it at some level or another. Conceptual initiation comes first. The novice is expected to master the theoretical work, the dogma and special activities. This is a period of steady and progressive growth as the novice creates the traditions matrix within himself or herself. He or she is creating a personal belief system based upon the teachings of the order.

Upon mastery of the matrix or tradition the novice reaches a critical point where he or she can go no further. This is called the dark night of the soul or crossing the abyss by some traditions. The new matrix is not active yet within the person because old beliefs and lifestyles prevent its emergence. This is a chaotic time for the ego and the sense of self are totally destroyed so that they can be rebuilt and reborn into a newer and more satisfying structure.

They have read and studied the material but are not yet ready to commit their lives to it. This is a difficult time of tension and stress. A person can go through many dark nights of the soul in their lifetime as they increase the quality of their life. Born-again Christians experience this as the ego shifts from awareness of being a physical, mortal body to an awareness of being more than a physical body, and finally to that of being an immortal soul.

Some of us are interested in achieving mastery of our lives. This is the path of self empowerment and total realization of our potentials. To us this offers the ultimate in life and we are drawn toward it as a moth is drawn toward a candle flame. We do not care about the total destruction of our lives that must take place before this can be achieved. We somehow think that we will be spared much of the agony, at least until it is too late.

The book of Job in the Bible has much to teach us about this experience. We will lose everything we hold dear and love and it is only our faith in God will carry us through to the rebirth of our lives of mastery. This is the ultimate in life and is not for the faint hearted. The loss and agony are often absolute.

This is the quantum leap as we are propelled and driven into new areas of existence that we never dreamed were possible. In summary, the new science of chaos theory can be extended from math and science into the realm of everyday life.

Chaos theory itself is not as complex as many think, but it does require a shift in a person’s viewpoint. Instead of madness and chaos it can be a binding agent that unites science, religion, philosophy and metaphysics together.

All Inputs Are Valid!

The most important thing to understand is that energies and stresses will grow to a chaotic and almost intolerable level before they break through and change into a new form and become stable once more. It is the stress and intensity of living that causes growth and quantum leaps.