Change Attitude By Changing Behavior

Sometimes our attitude sucks! Attitude is a mix of emotions and thinking. Said another way attitude is how our emotions and thoughts meet physical reality. When our expectations are realistic and positive our attitude is positive. When our expectations are unrealistic or negative our attitude becomes negative as well.

What I’m trying to get at here is the idea that attitude embraces the completeness of us at one time. Attitude is a reflection of who we are body, mind and spirit in a unified way at any given time. It reflects our true intelligence and will to live.

Using the metaphor of a robot there are two ways of programming a robot to do a task. One way is to write a computer program line by line and step by step. The computer will read the program and take the robot through the task one step at a time.

This way of programming a robot is roughly equivalent to mentally thinking a project or problem through before physically acting on it. Thinking before acting is a useful way of describing this way of dealing with things.

The problem is that sometimes we get stuck mentally or emotionally. Because our thinking is wrong or our emotions are clouding our judgment we are not able to function as well and we become frustrated. Our mind and emotions are not in accord with physical reality and our attitude sucks.

The second way of programming a robot is to place a programming device or sensor in the robot’s hand and physically move the robot’s arm through the cycle that is desired. The movement is recorded through the device and the robot is instantly able to repeat and perform the desired activity.

Let’s take a newborn infant as an example. The newborn child has no ability to move its arms or legs in a conscious or deliberate manner. No neural pathways have been developing within the brain for such movement. The mother or father plays with the infant moving its arms and legs.

This movement causes nerves to fire within the brain and nervous system and soon the infant learns to control its arms and legs by using the same circuitry within the brain. Physical movement created the neural pathway. Conscious intent used the neural pathway once it was created.

When we are stuck in life and can’t find our way out of a situation mentally or emotionally raw physical activity will burn a new neural pathway we can use. This is why people need to hit bottom when they are stuck. Hitting bottom forces raw physical activity just to stay alive. That physical activity allows a fresh start into new neural pathways. Hitting bottom will either kill us or force us to change our attitude!

An even better solution is raw physical activity without hitting bottom. We don’t need to hit bottom to change our attitude. All we need is to physically doing new things and grow through those experiences. A healthy individual finds joy and excitement in physically doing new things and learning new skills. This new knowledge and these new skills are what allow him or her to find continuing satisfaction and enjoyment in life.

The next time you find yourself stuck in a rut go out and try doing something new, something physical! Burn new neural pathways into your brain, pathways that work!

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