We can carve our own destiny. The point of power is in the present moment but not in the way some might suppose. To live and act in the present moment is to reap the full benefits of past actions and make choices affecting our future in a positive way. Too many people dwell on the past and spend their energy wishing things were different or like they used to be. This is a waste of precious time.

Others say, “I will write my book next year” or start exercising after the holidays. They have plan after plan but never get started because a new plan comes along and takes its place. The net result is nothing substantial ever gets done.

Even more interesting, most people live for immediate gratification and won’t put effort out for long range goals. Long range goals are simply too unreal for them. A long-range goal is like an abstract thought that is too difficult to take seriously.

It is a balancing act to learn from our past and make choices affecting our future. We do this by living fully in the present moment. It might help to realize the major events of our lives are locked into place a year ahead of time. This is a metaphysical truth. The main events of our lives are preordained, not before we were born but at least a year ahead of time.

The Akashic records are etheric in nature. They reflect things that will happen in the future and things that have happened in the past. It is possible to dream about future events that will come true. Each year new events enter into the akashic records. They are potential events ready to manifest physically. The end point for putting new events into the akashic records is the autumn equinox of each year.

This means the main events we experience were placed into the akashic record some time during the last year. There is lag time between when they enter and when they physically manifest.

Minor alterations in our physical life can be filled using the lunar cycle as well. It is important to live in harmony with both the solar and lunar cycles of nature. Our physical body lives in the (physical) universe and our soul lives in the (astral) universe. Each universe has different rules. As physical matter gravitates toward each other in the physical universe, events gravitate toward each other in the astral universe. There are critical time periods where everything happens at once and long periods where nothing significant happens.

This is a natural phenomenon that astrology has tried to understand and master. The important point is there are periods of time that are more important than others and we must take advantage of them to be successful in life. Proper timing is the key to everything in life.

By the same token, don’t attempt something when the time is wrong because the entire effort might be put at risk. Our “inner authority” will guide us into action at the proper time when we learn to listen to it. We can learn to recognize the natural closing points and opportunities that surround us by living in the present moment.

Paying attention to the natural closure points and opportunity points as they occur is what mastery of life is all about. Trying to force things at the wrong time leads to nothing but pain and heartache. If we try the entire universe works against us. If the timing is right the entire universe works with us and supports our efforts.

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