Bye Bye Head Trippers

Joe Bandel
2 min readNov 30, 2017

It started last year, this frenzy about sex and sexual abuse. Remember the tape about Trump right before the election? But let’s take a step back and try being objective for a moment. I know it’s hard.

The entire pre election was about head tripping and the Dems were certain of victory because they had the brains on their side. The Reps only had emotional misfits and I’m pretty sure no one was talking about them having any brains!

But somehow it became about emotions, and it’s been about emotions ever since. I’m even willing to say that it’s going to be about emotions for a long, long time now, for several elections at least.

But there is a big difference between the emotional release of psychotic behaviors and the balanced and integrated emotions of healthy people. The sad thing is the trapped emotions need to be released before the healing can take place.

Sexual abuse in its many forms has been hidden under the rug far too long and a lot of venting needs to happen. This is not going away folks! And things are getting dangerous for males. I predict that the next president will be female, not because of her qualities and skills, but because she is female. I also predict that men will begin to disappear from the News Media, Hollywood and politics.

Women are going to run things and I suspect they should have been running things a lot sooner. It would have been easier if the change over was more gradual. But now that the Divine Feminine has been released there is no stopping what needs to happen.

Just be aware that the world is going to change in a very big way when men are so afraid of being accused of something, rightly or wrongly, that they refuse to even try for public positions. It’s already starting!

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