Bad Or Good In The Eye Of The Beholder

There is so much hypocrisy today that swings between the extremes of deceiving others and self-deception. Crippled by the curse of riding on the fence it wobbles between one extreme and the other not daring to fully commit. Take the example of free speech as a human right. People are willing to proclaim free speech as a human right, but not willing to allow others with differing opinions true freedom of speech. They give lip service to it without fully committing to it and without fully believing in it.

Basically, they would like to have freedom of speech and freedom of will without having the moral will to follow through! It remains a sacred idea without becoming physical reality. You will say that you believe in freedom of speech and so will your opponent. But you both walk away from each other thinking the same thing, that the other has something evil up their sleeve and is not to be trusted or believed no matter what they say.

Why not simply admit that each one of us is just looking out for our own interests? Is it necessary to call someone who thinks differently than we do our arch enemy and demonize everything they have to say? Is true freedom of speech that frightening? Can’t we even consider the possibility of a win-win situation?

We believe in the politically correct even when it goes against our own instincts, our own life circumstances and life experience until someone braver than us stands up against it and gives voice to our own secret thoughts, beliefs and life experience. Then we all jump up on the new bandwagon and there is a revolution!

But this revolution always begins as something that is immoral, against the law, against social morays and is not politically correct! But when the revolution succeeds it has become moral, the new law, the new social custom and is now politically correct! How does that happen? It happens when one person stands up against the mob and against what is considered politically correct! It happens when one person dares to tell the truth!

But this obsessive thought persists, that if enough people jump on the bandwagon that makes something right, makes it moral, makes it just, makes it law, and makes it good! They don’t realize or admit even to themselves that each individual determines what is right for them, moral for them, just for them, allowed by their own conscience and the right thing for them to do as an individual.