Atlantis Rediscovered and Walk-ins

The “Eye of the Sahara” or Richat structure in northwestern Africa matches Solon’s ancient description of Atlantis in a haunting way. The same size, three rings with mountains to the north and a flat plain to the south. The ancient traces of river channels and majestic waterfalls can be seen among the mountains. I have a past life memory of sitting on one of the walls of Atlantis with a friend looking down at the deep lush forest below and waiting for the destruction…

Richat Structure

This satellite image of the Richat Structure is from Wikipedia

I did a DNA search on my ancestry and my DNA group was one of the first human migrations out of Africa. They settled in the Caucasus mountains area somewhere between what is today Iran and the Ukraine. According to DNA research where did the first humans originate? Somewhere near the ancient Eye of the Sahara!

Atlantis was destroyed in a day they say. The November 14, 2018 journal of Science Advances tells of a giant meteor strike discovery beneath the Hiawatha glacier in Greenland. It is 19 miles across making it in the top 25 known meteor strikes. It was made of iron and they estimate it weighed 11 to 12 billion tons! It is fairly recent, perhaps as young as 12,000 or 15,000 years ago. That was when Atlantis was destroyed in a great flood and cataclysm that completely destroyed the ancient world and kicked off an extinction event during what is called the younger Dreyus period.

The ancients claimed the way to Atlantis was blocked by an ocean of mud. I suppose the sands of the Sahara were once ocean bottom…Egypt was once lush and fertile as well. Tradition says it was a colony of Atlantis….

What about the Pleiadians? Our space brothers and sisters that supposedly tampered with prehuman DNA so that they could “ride” the beasts like animals! Like the Loa ride the devout in modern Voodoo ceremonies. Like in the movie “Avatar”. Spiritual possession they call it…

They were called gods, these ancient creators of the human race. These ghosts in non-physical bodies from dead planets, drawn to Gaia because of its beauty and vibrant abundant life! The sons of God coveted the daughters of man…

The universe is filled with ghosts! There are far more dead things out there than live things…. Life is sacred…Physical life is sacred…. The dead are drawn to the living…

We used to hear them, the gods I mean… They spoke to us in our heads. Julian Jaynes, professor of Psychology at Princeton University, now a ghost himself, wrote about it in his brilliant book “The Evolution of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”.

We don’t hear the voices any more. Or at least most of us don’t. I wonder when they will come back?

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