Astral Elements Within The 6th Electron Shell


Element #86 Radon
This element is a heavy odorless gas and one of the noble gases. This element also has six complete electron shells. Because it’s outer shell is complete it serves as a natural barrier in it’s astral aspect. It resists attempts to pierce through it and is one of the veils mentioned in occult literature.
Because of the barrier it forms it also separates the “tank current” energy of the sixth and seventh electron shells. This effect is to separate “seventh chakra” energy from “sixth chakra” energy.

Element #85 Astatine
This element is extremely unstable and looses electrons readily. An astral body constructed of this element would also loose energy readily and be extremely unstable. We would not expect to find any lasting astral objects or beings in this astral level. In fact this level would act as a constant drain on any astral body that existed in the higher levels. This is true because any astral object or being is tied to its physical counterpart at all times. The “astral cord” would exist here instead of an astral body.

Element #84 Polonium
This element is a radioactive metal with a life span of 103 years. This would form a stable astral body and we would expect to find our “proposed” future life with all of its main events here. As the lowest stable level in this group this is probably the main level of the “dreaming” astral body where we dream of things that happened during the day or things that may happen to us in the future.
This level is probably the base of our individual egos and our concept of self. In the lower levels the concern is for survival of the species. Here the concern is for survival of the individual awareness.

Element #83 Bismuth
This is a brittle white element with a pink tint. It melts easily and gives sharp impressions for casting. The brittleness of this element would suggest that this level would not make a good astral body in itself but could be used to form personal armor and astral barriers and obstacles.
Since it melts easily it would be an excellent choice for astral creations during magical workings. It is probable that here the magician does much of his creative work by melting astral material and reforming it the way he wants. This type of astral “construct” could be expected to retain it’s form as long as it was “protected” by the magician until it became a physical event.

Element #82 Lead
This is a heavy bluish gray element that has been known and used by mankind for many years. It is a poor conductor of electricity and resists corrosion. It also has a toxic effect on humans.
These characteristics suggest that this astral level is not a pleasant place to exist in awareness. An astral body constructed of this metal would be best left alone. In fact, it is very likely that this level is responsible for our experience of pain! This is the first astral level of physical pain. Quite possibly a dull pain.

Element #81 Thallium
This element is a soft bluish gray metal that is toxic and is known to cause nerve damage. This astral level would also be related to our pain experience. As this astral level directly affects the nerves it suggests that this is the level of intense physical pain. The type that occurs immediately upon sustaining an injury.

Element #80 Mercury
This silver colored metal is a liquid at room temperature. It flows very swiftly and is extremely poisonous. The nature of this level also indicates that it is related to our pain experience. The quickness of this element indicate that this levels effects on us happens very rapidly. This is our first awareness of pain at this level. As our energy drains away our awareness drops to a lower level as either sharp pain or a dull throbbing pain.
Here is also a very important clue about how human life exists normally in the astral planes. Since we do not normally experience pain, it suggests that human awareness is above this astral level normally.

Element #79 Gold
This element is a bright yellow metal that is very soft and heavy. It is very beautiful and highly valued for its beauty and its durability. In this respect this is one element that we can’t seem to get enough of!
In contrast to the levels immediately below it, this level brings great pleasure to us. In the form of wealth and in the emotional sensation of pleasure. It has often been said that there is a thin line between pleasure and pain. This level gives us tangible evidence to that truth.
This is not just simple pleasure but a very intense type of pleasure. The most intense type of pleasure possible to experience. This of course is sexual pleasure. This astral level is where we experience sexual energy for the first time as a pleasurable experience.
Astral experiences at this level would be sexual experiences or possibly experiences involving Gold.

Element #78 Platinum
This is a precious silver white metal with a high melting point. It combines easily with other elements and resists corrosion. The desirability of this element suggest that it also is related to our emotional sensation of pleasure. Since it combines easily with other elements this astral layer would include all things that give us the sensation of pleasure with the possible exception of sex and wealth which belong to Gold’s astral level.
Astral experiences at this level would include many pleasurable things. This is probably where we find what is commonly known as “the elemental worlds” of fairies and nature spirits that are benevolent and kind. In reality all life forms found here would also have physical bodies to complete their “resonant circuit”. A fairy or nature spirit would belong to a human that is somehow distorted at that level. Perhaps they never had a normal childhood and that part of their personality never developed as it should.
Here the “child within” delights in playing pranks on others or in doing things not allowed in physical life. This is the realm of fantasy where your secret wishes come true. Here is the experience of enjoyment of life in all of its aspects.

Element #77 Iridium
This is an extremely hard white metal that resists corrosion. Being a hard metal suggests that it acts as a barrier to astral activities. Its resistance to corrosion suggests a protective function. This element as an astral substance would be ideal as armor or tools used block or restrain astral activities.
This barrier aspect suggests that is related to the emotions of being blocked and frustrated. Our happiness and pleasure is suddenly blocked by this hard barrier and we feel trapped and helpless for the first time. Perhaps we even feel fearful. We are no longer in control. Other people or events may control us against our will.

Element #76 Osmium
This element is a hard metal that is twice as heavy as lead. It is used for pen points and phonograph needles. Here is also a barrier aspect, but this level is related to communication, both written and through sound. In this astral level we are confronted by other astral objects and beings. We also communicate with them at this level for the first time.
Here we become acutely aware of societies wishes for us and what we must do to conform and keep our level of awareness as pleasurable as possible. Here we find societies barriers that limit what we can and can’t do.

Element #75 Rhenium
This silvery white element is noted for its high melting point and its resistance to heat. Astral objects and beings constructed of this element would be very resistant to efforts to change them. This then is an important source of strength and stability. Here is stamina and endurance against resistance. Here is our ability to freely choose what we want to do and the ability to do it. This is the foundation of ego strength. “I exist”. I will continue to exist.

Element #74 Tungsten
This hard silver white metal has a very high melting point and is resistant to heat. It is used as a heating element in some light bulbs. In this astral level also gives stamina and endurance and is an important source of strength and stability. The connection with light and illumination suggests that this strength is will power or strength of spirit. Here strength of spirit overcomes obstacles and barriers.
In the occult tradition the sixth chakra is related to both magic working and to the “berserker frenzy” that came upon the Vikings in times of battle and made them “invulnerable”. That tradition supports the concept of these astral levels dealing with stamina and endurance and overcoming obstacles and barriers.

Element #73 Tantalum
This element has a high melting point and refracts light. It doesn’t react with bodily fluids and seals itself when used in capacitors. These characteristics suggest a “healing” ability where injuries are sealed off and prevented from becoming physical events. Here for the first time harmful events are anticipated and any wounds or losses are minimized to prevent further loss of energy.

Element #72 Hafnium
This silver colored metal absorbs neutrons and resists corrosion. Since this element absorbs energy we would not expect to find many astral objects or beings here. We would instead find the “astral cord” or “cable” of occult tradition. It would take large amounts of energy to exist above this level because of its draining ability. Humans would have this ability and energy normally. Some life forms of a more simple nature would not have the needed energy.
Here we are prevented from doing what we really want to do through lack of energy. We settle into a decadent state where we try to enjoy the things we do have until we have the energy to get what we really want. This could be the level of depression and chronic inactivity.

Element #71 Lutetium
This heavy element is noted for its ability to conduct electricity. Astrally this implies the ability to give energy to others or to take energy from others. Here for the first time is the ability to change things in the astral by applying energy to them instead of by simply resisting them. Here the astral body or the “dream” body has energy to spare and it uses it to influence possible future events.
Astral contacts here would involve a definite exchange of energy from one person or object to another. Here is the first evidence of magical power as energy or electricity used for both offense and defense. We are rising above our depression and trying to direct astral energy into the astral events that we want in efforts to physically achieve them.

Element #70 Ytterbium
Very little is known about this element and its characteristics.

Element #69 Thulium
Very little is known about this element and its characteristics. It is used in some x-ray units suggesting that it radiates and gives off energy.

Element #68 Erbium
Very little is known of this grayish-silver element.

Element #67 Holmium
Very little is known of this silver colored metal.

Element #66 Dysprosium
This element is strongly attracted by a magnet. This characteristic is exciting because of its connection to magnetic vortex energy. Occult tradition has long talked of the “cone of power” that is raised during magical workings. That is also applied to the sixth chakra center energies.
At this astral level we would expect to find the astral ability to strongly attract things to us and also the ability to strongly repel things away from us. This is the battle ground for “astral duels” and other astral contacts. In our dreams we are helplessly drawn toward other astral objects and beings. When contact is made energy is exchanged and lost. This continues until one party reaches the pain levels and/or breaks the contact. The one with the most available energy will endure here.

Element #65 Terbium
This silvery metal glows green in certain compounds. Not much else is known about this metal.

Element #64 Gadolinium
This silvery metal is strongly magnetic when extremely cold. This characteristic suggests that this level will strongly attract and repel astral events and objects. This is another “magical” battle ground for astral “duels” where the one with the most available energy wins the prize. Here also magnetic vortex energy suggests the occult “cone of power” and its possible uses.

Element #63 Europium
Very little is known about this soft silver metal. Its softness suggests that astral weapons for use in astral duels may be created here.

Element #62 Samarium
Little is known about this element.

Element #61 Promethium
Little is known about this element.

Element #60 Neodymium
Little is known about this element. It is used in ceramics and lasers. This may suggest potential for astral weaponry.

Element #59 Praseodymium
Little is known about this element. It is used in ceramics.

Element #58 Cerium
This soft gray metal has an electron structure that is easily changed. This suggests that all astral events and beings found at this level can be easily altered at will. Here may be the true level of magical working where astral creations are deliberately fashioned.

Element #57 Lanthanum
This soft silvery white metal tarnishes when exposed to air. Here for the first time astral objects or beings or barriers can be destroyed. Astral material here will tend to weather and decay or age.
Steady resistance at this level will eventually wear an opponent down or destroy a barrier or obstacle.

Element #56 Barium
This soft heavy metal combines easily with other elements. This suggests that here all possible options are available and tried out. Here we find a way “around” the astral obstacles and beings that prevent us from getting what we want.

Element #55 Cesium
This soft silvery metal reacts vigorously to air and water and ionizes readily when struck by light. These characteristics suggest that nothing remains for long at this level. This would be a very draining level and require tremendous levels of energy to maintain awareness for any length of time.
Here we could find the destruction of opponents in astral duels as well as the simple “astral cord” or “cable” leading to higher levels.

In summary this group of elements with six electron rings represents sixth “chakra” energy. It can be broken down into nine separate and distinct categories.


This is the barrier or veil that separates fifth “chakra” energy from sixth “chakra” energy. It “isolates” the “tank” current of this group of elements and tries to maintain the stability of this level of the earth’s astral layers.


Here we find our “proposed” life span and destiny. This is not set in stone, but it does represent what the earth intends for us at this time and in the future. To change things at this level requires much work and energy.
This level is also the “foundation” of our sense of “self”.
At levels below this we find species “instincts” and awareness of our immediate environment. Animals also have “instincts” and an awareness of their environment but they do not have a sense of “self” as we do. At least not to the degree that we do. An animal’s sense of “self” is constantly evolving just as ours is but it would rarely go beyond the sixth “chakra” energies.


This astral level gives us the awareness of pain. There are three types of pain, immediate pain from an injury, sharp lingering pain that will not go away, and a dull aching pain.


This astral level deals with sexual pleasures and wealth. Two things that are very closely related.


The energies of this level deal with our general enjoyment of life and a full satisfaction of its many pleasures. Here we find contentment in life.


Here for the first time we are confronted by social restrictions. What we want for ourselves is in direct competition with what others want and whoever has the most energy wins.


At this level we develop Ego strength and will power to resist social pressures that want us to conform. We have the will to compete and fight for the things that we want in life. We make up our minds to battle against the odds to win. We willingly sustain injuries to get what we want.


This level saps our strength and energy. We fall into depression and physical inactivity. If we can’t get what we want we won’t do anything at all. We are fiercely resisting societies pressures and we aren’t winning. This is a stalemate where society doesn’t win and we don’t win either.
The entire struggle is raised to the higher levels and tremendous amounts of energy are used up in this struggle.


This is the level of magical power. We have gained our victories over the opposition in this “battle ground”. For the first time things are beginning to work out in our favor. Here we are able to destroy the obstacles that are trying to hold us back. We have energy to spare and we use it to get the things we want in life. We have the power to get what we want.

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