Astral Elements Within The 5th Electron Shell


Element #54 Xenon
This element is an odorless gas and one of the noble gases. This element also has five complete electron shells. Because it’s outer shell is complete it serves as a natural barrier in it’s astral aspect. It resists attempts to pierce through it and is one of the veils mentioned in occult literature.
This barrier separates fifth “chakra” energies from sixth “chakra” energies. It also stabilizes fifth “chakra” energies.

Element #53 Iodine
This shiny, bluish-black element has an irritating odor and goes from a solid directly to a purple gas. Plants and animals require this element for life.
These characteristics suggest that astrally awareness at this level is a cellular or an organic awareness. Here is the base for awareness of the physical body. This is the beginning of ego as a physical being. Below this level we find the species instinct to survive at the lowest level. We also have awareness as “I hunger”, “I hurt”, “I feel Pleasure”. Here we have “I have a physical body”. “I must take care of it.”

Element #52 Tellurium
This element is used in alloys and semiconductor research. It is also used as a catalyst. These characteristics suggest that this level deals with possibly the nervous system and the sensory organs and with the way bio-electrical energy flows through the body.

Element #51 Antimony
This bluish-white metal is brittle and used to harden alloys. Its use on the astral plane suggests a barrier and possibly a form of astral armor.

Element #50 Tin
This white metal has long been in use by mankind. It is very useful in packaging foods and in solders. This elements close relationship to food and to electricity suggest that this level is very beneficial to us. We may draw energy and strength from other “food” or “energy” sources” here. This level is a life sustaining energy source.

Element #49 Indium
element is an extremely soft silver-white metal. This suggests that many astral objects and astral “bodies” are found at this level. They are supported by the level directly below it. If awareness reaches this level it is self-sustaining at this point. This suggests the formation of a permanent type of awareness, perhaps true “self-awareness”.

Element #48 Cadmium
This soft silvery-white metal is used for alloys and plating. It is poisonous. These characteristics suggest that this level is painful and also quite stable. We would expect to find a fairly permanent type of awareness and astral body here.
This level belongs to our “dark” self. Here we find all those things about ourselves that we don’t like. Later as we accept our “pain” and learn to value our “darker” nature we realize that it helps us to relate to others in a more humane way. Here we can empathize with others and feel their pain as well as our own. This pain is emotional pain and not physical pain.

Element #47 Silver
This precious metal is one of the first ever used by man. It is noted for its beauty. It is used in artworks and also kills bacteria. It is an excellent conductor of electricity.
This level belongs to our “light” self. Here we find all the things about ourselves and others that we like. We feel the emotion of love and joy. This is where the healing power of love overcomes illness. Here we really feel alive and vibrant. We are in “love” with life!

Element #46 Palladium
This soft shiny metal is used in surgical instruments and in white gold. This suggests both a beneficial state as well as a corrective, possibly painful experience. The bitter-sweet feeling of personal growth and therapy come to mind. We feel good about becoming more healthy even though it is sometimes painful to give up our old ways.

Element #45 Rhodium
This silvery metal is resistant to corrosion and is very reflective. It is used in mirrors and fine jewelry as well as electrical connections. Here we have purified our inner nature until we have become “bright and shiny”. We no longer identify ourselves with a physical body. We are more than a physical body, we are also an “immortal” body. We have an “immortal” spirit. This is the born again experience.

Element #44 Ruthenium
This element is used to harden metals and is very wear resistant. This suggests use as armor as well as barriers and obstacles. We find that life still throws barriers at us and we still need to resist them. We may be spiritual but we are still living in physical bodies.

Element #43 Technetium
This element is a good radiation source. This suggests that this level is another power source for us if we can reach it in awareness. This would be a type of “spiritual” power.

Element #42 Molybdenum
This hard silvery metal has a high melting point and an important trace element in plants. It is also used in some lubricants. These characteristics suggest its use as a defensive armor that allows troubles and problems to “roll off” and “not stick” to us. At this level no problems can really bother us.

Element #41 Niobium
This soft silver-gray metal is used in steel and in nuclear reactors. It allows neutrons to penetrate easily and withstands high temperatures. At low temperatures it becomes a super conductor of electricity. These characteristics suggest that this level acts as an energy sink.
We reach this level and we don’t try any more. We think that we are at the top. This is a spiritual plateau where we can’t seem to advance no matter how hard we try.

Element #40 Zirconium
This gray-white metal resists corrosion and is heat resistant. The only way to reach this level is by loosing tremendous amounts of energy in the level below it. This suggests that here is public service and public recognition. Energy is given to the world and the world gives energy back in return.

Element #39 Yttrium
This silvery metal is used in the electronics industry and causes the red colors in garnet stone. This is a higher level of public recognition and popularity.

Element #38 Strontium
This soft silvery metal is radioactive and dangerous. It burns with a crimson flare and is used in fire works. These characteristics suggest the “crash and burn” experienced by many celebrities. The public no longer supports their efforts. In fact, the public now opposes their efforts.

Element #37 Rubidium
This soft silvery-white metal is a catalyst and a fire hazard. It oxidizes readily in air and reacts violently with water. The destructive nature of this element suggest that this level belongs to public upheaval and revolutionary forces within the society struggle for supremacy. This is truly a battle zone where the individual battles against the full force of society.

In summary, elements with five electron shells correspond to fifth “chakra” energies. These astral level can be broken down into 17 distinct divisions. These energies are essentially emotional energies.


This is the barrier or veil that separates forth “chakra” energy from fifth “chakra” energy. It “isolates” the “tank” current of this group of elements and tries to maintain the stability of this level of the earth’s astral layers.


Here is the foundation of physical and organic awareness. This is awareness that we have a physical body and must take care of it in order to survive.


Here we face physical barriers and limitations on the astral plane. We struggle to overcome our limitations and the barriers the world places before us.


This level acts as an energy source that sustains our astral bodies. We receive energy from other astral “food” sources. We give our surplus energy in exchange for the type of energy that we need.


Here is a complex astral world with complex astral life forms. These life forms also have physical bodies. At this level complex energy exchanges are worked out between different life forms to ensure their physical survival.


Here is the level of emotional pain and our “dark” self. We confront those things about ourselves that we are ashamed of and that cause us emotional pain. Here are our personal demons and our personal hells.


Here is the level of emotional “love” and our “light” self. We feel good about ourselves and others. Everything is the way that we want it to be. We are in love. Everything is sweet and happy.


As our personal development evolves we learn to combine our “light” and our “dark” selves. We find that we have a need for both of them. We do that here at this level. This is the level of bitter-sweet. The events of our lives are very intense and move us very deeply. We learn to love these “bitter-sweet” experiences.


After a while be begin to identify ourselves as spiritual beings and not as physical bodies. We have an immortal “soul” that does not die. This new perspective gives a “born-again” experience and we try to leave the physical world behind.


Even though we now think of ourselves as spiritual beings we still live in physical bodies in an imperfect world. We struggle to protect ourselves against the disharmonies of the physical world with its trials and sorrows. It is a constant battle to maintain our spiritual perspective.


At this level we tap into a spiritual power source and use it to maintain and strengthen our lives. We find comfort and strength in our spiritual studies and meditations.


Here everything seems to go right for us. Trials and problems seem to pass completely us completely and have no affect on us at all. We seem immune to all negative influences.


This level is an energy sink and we fall into spiritual apathy. We think that we are at the top and that nothing is left to accomplish. We feel spiritual pride at our accomplishments and think we are better than others.


Here we enter public service and achieve support and recognition from the public. We enter for the first time into the public limelight and we enjoy it.


At this level we are celebrities. The public loves us and we can’t do anything wrong at all. We are given power by the public to do things that normal people can’t do.


The public removes its support and we are no longer popular. This is where celebrities “crash and burn”. We have a spectacular fall from grace. The energy that we have become used to is now given to someone else and we are ignored.


We struggle to regain the support and energy of the public by becoming political activists. This is the level of public upheaval and revolutionary forces. We pit our will directly against society in an effort to change society.

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