Astral Elements Within The 3rd Electron Shell


Element #18 Argon
This element is an odorless gas and one of the noble gases. This element also has three complete electron shells. Because it’s outer shell is complete it serves as a natural barrier in it’s astral aspect. It resists attempts to pierce through it and is one of the veils mentioned in occult literature.
This barrier separates third “chakra” energies from fourth “chakra” energies. It also stabilizes third “chakra” energies.

Element #17 Chlorine
This poisonous yellow-green gas has a strong unpleasant odor. It is used to kill bacteria and reacts explosively with light, hydrogen, and water. One of its uses is in hydrochloric acid.
The poisonous aspect suggests death or pain and an explosive destruction of astral forms. This is the death of all emotions. Only pure thought is allowed at this level and at higher levels. Any emotional thought is painfully destroyed here.

Element #16 Sulfur
This yellow element burns easily and is used in bleaches, cleansers, and medicines. All plants and animals require it. These characteristics suggest the ability to “erase” or clean and heal imperfections in our thinking. At this level we can sort things out that are emotionally painful to us.
Here we can distance ourselves from the emotional pain and regain some objectivity that we badly need.

Element #15 Phosphorus
This element is found in every living cell and is needed for life as we know it. It helps us to store energy in our bodily tissues.
This level is a major source of energy for us and greatly increases our available life current or energy.

Element #14 Silicon
This hard dark gray element is a semi-conductor and is used in glass and insulators. The semi-conductor and insulator aspect suggest that energy flow here is largely one way and directed.
This is the beginning of directed thought and deliberate planning activities that are of an abstract nature and not directly relates to physical life and physical activities.
Here thought takes on a life of its own and you have thought for its own sake.

Element #13 Aluminum
This lightweight metal does not rust, resists wear, and is very plentiful. It is a good conductor of electricity. This is the realm of abstract thoughts that have no matching correspondence in physical life. Here are also archetypes and complex philosophies about life. These are purely thought “constructs”.

Element #12 Magnesium
This strong light metal is vital to plant and animal RNA & DNA because it activates many important enzymes. It burns with a brilliant light and combines easily with other elements.
This suggests the “light bulb” effect that happens when we are illuminated with a new and brilliant idea. This is a level where we find mental “illuminations”.

Element #11 Sodium
This soft metal is found in salt and small amounts are needed for life. It immediately combines with air and reacts violently with water producing heat that often ignites hydrogen.
This is a very intense “illumination” that gives the experience of “light” and leaves no memory or idea behind. It has “consumed” the thought processes and is considered a spiritual experience. It is the complete destruction of the mental thought processes.

In summary, this group of elements with three electron shell has eight significant divisions.


This is the barrier or veil that separates second “chakra” energy from third “chakra” energy. It “isolates” the “tank” current of this group of elements and tries to maintain the stability of this level of the earth’s astral layers.


Here is the painful agonizing death of the emotions and emotional thought.


Here we have for the first time mental objectivity and the ability to distance ourselves from harmful emotions.


This is our primary source for mental energy and sustains our ability to think for long periods of time without fatigue.


This is the level of directed thought and the ability for speculative planning of potential physical events.


This is the level of abstract thought that has no relationship with the physical world at all. Here we find thought for it’s own sake. This is the realm of philosophy and archetypal ideas.


Here is creative thought and mental “illumination”. New and innovative ideas are fashioned here to create new ways of perceiving reality.


This is the level of “spiritual” illumination and the death of the intellect. Here we are at the edge of our minds.

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