Astral Elements With 1 Electron Shell


Element #2 Helium
This element is an odorless gas and one of the noble gases. This element also has one complete electron shell. Because it’s shell is complete it serves as a natural barrier in it’s astral aspect. It resists attempts to pierce through it and is one of the veils mentioned in occult literature.
This barrier separates first “chakra” energies from second “chakra” energies. It also stabilizes first “chakra” energies.

Element #1 Hydrogen
This is the smallest and simplest atom known. It is also the most abundant element in the universe. It is found also in the sun and stars.
This element forms what is known to occultists as the “light body”. Only first “chakra” personality types can raise their awareness to the level where this “body of light” is formed.
“Helium” personality types function here on the surface or top of the helium layer or veil. They are able to gain use and control of the lower astral levels by anchoring this “higher” awareness at the top of the astral veil where only “hydrogen” personality types offer any threat.
“Hydrogen” personality types can gain the ability to function in full awareness at all levels of the astral planes. They can also travel in “awareness” through the cosmic circuit as light and electrical pulses. Such experiences do not last long but a memory of them can be retained.

In summary, elements with one electron shell have two divisions.


This is the barrier or veil that separates first “chakra” energy from second “chakra” energy. It “isolates” the “tank” current of this group of elements and tries to maintain the stability of this level of the earth’s astral layers.


This is the level of the “body of light” described by occultists. Awareness at this level can give full awareness of the “cosmic circuit”.


This is the level of the cosmic circuit and of the joining of male-female soul mate energy. It is the level of a form of plastic light that activates the body of light.


This is the level of pure magnetic vortex energies. The beginning and the ending of all things. This is the final resolution of all karma and the beginning of rebirth.


This is the level of pure light and electricity. Any awareness at this level would be the awareness of being
a photon or spark of electricity traveling at the speed of light.