Ascension is the highest stage of human development known to mankind. It happens when all of the energies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are integrated in complete harmony into one individual soul. In addition this soul must return back to physical reality and become integrated with the energies of the earth and the energies of society. This is the level of an ascended Master.

At this stage conscious awareness and intuitive awareness are one and the same thing. This awareness is multi dimensional and encompasses all areas of life at will. It is the highest level that a human can enter and return in the physical body to talk about.

These people have found their true path and follow their true destiny. Being and doing converge as much as human life will allow. These people are as free as possible as long as they do what they were born to do. There is no discord or tension, only complete peace and joy as they recognize their own divinity and union with the Christ spirit within their hearts.

Eastern religions talk of the creation of the immortal physical body. When this body is created the ordinary physical body is discarded or transformed and no longer needed. This speaks of the complete creation and development of the immortal soul.

The gods and goddesses of all religions were once normal humans who achieved this degree of attainment and became divine or immortal. This has always been the true goal of the secret teachings within any religion and been achieved by many more people then commonly believed.