Abstract Spiritual Energy

Abstract spiritual energy is the energy of unity and the resolution of paradox. We are all part of planet Earth, we are all part of the collective soul of humanity. When we hurt someone else we are also hurting ourselves.

This type of energy has no real form and is responsible for the illumination that is associated with mystical experiences and spiritual love. Another term for this is spiritual light. An example of this type of energy in our lives is the lightbulb effect when we suddenly have a brilliant mystical experience of being surrounded or bathed in spiritual light, love and peace.

Light is a characteristic of experiences with this spiritual energy. We generate it through meditation, prayer, devotion, and creative or inspirational pursuits. In developing this energy we develop spiritual power and spiritual creativity. Our experiences are intensely personal and sacred and we feel at one with the Cosmic or Higher Power.

The development of this astral body gives a glow or halo of spiritual light around the physical body. Divine persons, saints and other highly spiritual people are often depicted in religious art with the spiritual light around them. The developed magnetic charm or appeal is spiritual in nature and gives the ability to resolve paradox in our lives and in the lives of others.

Abstract spiritual energy marks the pinnacle that human consciousness can achieve. It is that mystical place where everything merges into one vast unity and our spirits return to Source momentarily. The development of this energy gives the ability to make quantum leaps of awareness giving us the miracle of finding opportunities or escape routes where none seem to exist. It is here where we can literally create something out of nothing! It is here where we find the infinite possibilities within the present moment!