This is mental energy and the astral body it creates forms our false ego. In normal waking awareness and in our dreams this energy creates the “I” awareness of individual consciousness. To create the true ego it must be integrated with the energies of the heart.

It is associated with logic and reasoning in a creative manner. Developing this energy gives us the ability to focus and direct our thought processes in the direction that we wish to go. Normally our thoughts are random or follow a flow of consciousness pattern where one thought is connected through association to another thought which is connected to another thought… Etc. This is a fundamental concept of the free association school of psychology.

With practice we can mentally return to the goal whenever we get distracted. We can focus on a particular subject. The way to develop this is participation in philosophical debates with other people. In these debates we are constantly trying to make a specific point and need to keep coming back to the subject at hand until our point has been made and clearly understood. At the same time the other person is trying to direct the debate in a way that will allow his or her point to be clearly understood. The mental agility and stamina needed in debates like this is very great.

The development of this energy helps us to become strong minded and strong-willed. We are not easily swayed by another’s opinion or distracted from our goal. We use this energy to think for ourselves.

The magnetic charm and appeal of this energy is to become highly opinionated and strong-willed. This type of person has a very strong ego and insists upon learning and doing things their own way. Through force of will this person can change the outcome of bad dreams into good dreams. This person can stick with a project and see it through to conclusion. This ability is vital in getting the things we want in life. People see this type of person as being confident and sure of themselves.

The development of this power is also termed the development of magical power in occult schools through the development of the individual will. That is because this energy is used to contain and control other lower types of energy in magical ways.