A New Heaven And A New Earth

This is my first post for the New Year and reflects my current understanding and assessment of Gaia’s ascension process. I’ve been tracking and reporting on this for over 10 years. But first I will summarize a few things.

Science tells us that there is a giant black hole in the center of our galaxy which we all revolve around and the time it takes to revolve around this great circle is called a great cycle. We have just finished one of these great cycles and are beginning another. This new cycle is bringing in a new energy and a new age of human evolution.

How do we know when a great cycle begins and ends? Is there a definitive marker or is it all arbitrary? The black hole at the center of our galaxy is a gravity well that is trying to pull all things within our galaxy into its center. The outer edges of this have what is termed an event horizon. If we are on one side of this event horizon we are not being drawn into this gigantic black hole and if we are on the other side of it we will eventually at some point be pulled in. Well, we are gradually being pulled in but this is not an even process.

The milky way galaxy is a long string of constellations and it is when we align with both the center of the galaxy and also with this long string of stars that the gravitational pull is the strongest. The Mayan calendar pointed out this moment of alignment and how it signified the end of the world as we know it.

If you put a ball on a string and whirl it around your head the longer the string, the slower the ball seems to go. When you shorten the string the ball goes faster. This is essentially what happens during this time of lining up with both the center of the galaxy and the bulk of these other constellations. It is the time of maximum pulling on the string and is when earth and our entire solar system moves in closer to the center of the galaxy and begins to spin faster. As it spins faster it vibratory rate also increases. So this alignment marks a significant vibratory increase of our entire system. It clearly marks the beginning and ending of a great cycle.

That’s the simple explanation, but it is more complex. This shortening of the string may take place as the entire solar system moving inward, as the earth moving closer in its orbit to the sun or even in the sub atomic distance of the electron orbits of electrons as they rotate around the nucleus of an atom. It could even affect all three and others that I haven’t mentioned. But the effect is the same, a general all around increase in the vibratory rate of our existence. There is a taking up of slack and a vibratory increase that is significant enough to change the interaction and behaviors of atoms and molecules.

There is what is called the nuclear threshold, the vibratory rate at which matter and energy become interchangeable. This starts with the dawning of the nuclear age where only a few elements can transform from matter into energy until it ends with all possible elements having this vibratory increase and ability. The crossing of this threshold for all elements and for living entities has been called ascension and has happened many times in many places within our galaxy. It is now our turn and most importantly Gaia’s turn to make this shift into pure energy or what is also termed “light body” or 5th density.

Let’s say this another way and call this shift or ascension the transfer of organic physical awareness into non physical awareness or soul awareness. Gaia is becoming non physical or 5th dimensional, it is being absorbed into the astral planes along with all life forms that are in harmony with her!

But there are those that can’t make this vibratory shift of matter into energy or light body and they need to exist in a lower vibratory environment, a 3D physical environment. This is known as the splitting of worlds, where one world crossed the threshold to light body and the other stays behind. This creates a new heaven or astral plane and a new 3D earth.

This process of spitting of worlds just completed for the element hydrogen and still needs to continue for all of the other elements one by one as they reach the vibratory point where they too can cross the nuclear threshold. Does this mean we will see helium bombs? Lithium bombs? Why do we need to see any bombs at all?

These vibratory changes are also causing genetic changes within our DNA that we are not yet fully aware of. This entire process will take many years to complete, but it has begun and there is no turning back!

There is now a new heaven and a new earth forming and being created. 2018 will see the rapid advancement as these new and higher vibratory energies continue to increase.