4th Century Incubus And Succubus

Today we are going to talk about fourth century incubus and succubus experiences. Now the common ignorant peasant with roots in organic Gnosticism and with roots in the pagan religions were in a battle against the anti-life religion of the literate elites. Let’s face it, the common people enjoyed the earth and the pleasures of the earth. They had strong genetic roots to Gaia and to all living things.

The literate elite didn’t. They were living in their heads like people are currently doing in today’s world. The practice of magic was outlawed in the fourth century. Philosophers were driven out and books were burned. Original thought was no longer allowed. The church had determined in the Council of Nicaea which gospels were to represent Christianity and there wasn’t anything else that was to be taught. That was the truth. Everything else was satanic and was a lie.

The church created its own form of magical ceremonies through the rituals of Mass, baptism and marriage. Holy water was used to drive out Satan. But it didn’t matter what they tried because sexuality was a part of human nature. This movement of organic Gnosticism was spreading all over the near East and Satan was everywhere.

Sexuality was repressed, but excessive masturbation led to incubus and succubus attacks. The repressed sexual energies activated and brought out psychotic episodes. These psychotic episodes were called demonic possession and people feared them.

They didn’t realize that it was their own pent up emotions that were erupting. The Messalinian sect believed the devil was trying to possess them and beat themselves trying to drive Satan out of their physical bodies. Exorcisms became commonplace as the Church desperately tried to kill the human passions because they were demonic.

Eternal damnation was everywhere. There was no hope.

What was really happening was that these monks and these nuns were using autoerotic practices and working with sexual energy through masturbation even if they didn’t know what they were doing. It was building up pressure inside them and causing repressed emotions to flareup.

That’s an important part of the healing process when properly understood. So what was happening was the shadow side and the repressed hidden things were being explosively brought out into the open and those were the things that frightened people. Those were the things that were considered satanic and demonic.

They came out as the incubus or succubus. What is an incubus or succubus? They are personality fragments of real people that are activated through excessive sexual activity, especially autoerotic sexual activity and they will go out at night in your dreams and find a compatible opposite sex energy to merge with because that’s what sexual energy does.

It’s the merging of male and female energies. But the key to the incubus and the succubus is that they act on the unconscious side. They act on the repressed side and never represent conscious awareness. What they represent is the dark side and the hidden side of who you are and the more you repress and the more distorted your beliefs are, the more distorted your dark side is.

So these episodes of incubus or succubus attacks were really distorted expressions of their own repressions mingled with the distorted repressions of whoever their energy was attracted to. That is what made it so frightening. That is what made it so demonic because it was the distortions that made these things so so horrifying and people were caught in a loop. The more they repressed sexual energy, the stronger these psychotic experiences and attacks became because they were generating more and more energy. They were sexual addicts.

That’s what happens if you don’t work with sexual energy in a healthy way.

But you can work with sexual energy in a healthy way whether you’re doing it with a partner or doing it autoerotically. It ultimately heals because it is opening up repressioned energies and letting them out. That’s a healthy thing, because they are no longer stuck inside.

So in its blind way the Church through the repression of sexuality was actually forcing these sexual energies into the shadow and activating it. There are no such things as demons and the incubus or succubus. They are all fragments of real people, parts of us that we are afraid of.

But these parts are things that we don’t recognize and that we do not integrate. An important part of healthy mental and emotional well-being is to accept and integrate human sexuality in true human sexual experiences.

This was not happening because of the distorted belief systems of early Christianity. Some of the other religions were successfully working with these energies of Organic Gnosticism like the Buddhists who were developing the thunderbolt body or the diamond body. The martial arts were busy developing the immortal physical body.

These other spiritual paths were working with sexual energies in a more balanced way because their distortions were not as severe.

When you have an erotic dream that person is not aware of the encounter because what’s coming to you is a part of their shadow energy and the part of you that goes out to other people does the same thing. We are not consciously aware of these things, but they are parts of us. We can become more aware of them once we integrate our own shadow aspect.

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