3rd Century Christianity And The Rise Of Tantrism

Tonight we are going to talk about third century Christianity and the rise of Tantrism in the near East. In the third century under Emperor Constantine the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. The first Council of Nicaea determined what the official doctrine of the Christian church was going to be. Basically what they did was agree to only use the written words of the apostles. The Church was not going to condone or authorize direct mystical experiences. There were too many people out there claiming to be enlightened. They were claiming to have visions and to be new messiahs.

The Church was going to rely directly on the writings of the apostles. What was really happening was that social enforcers and rational atheists were taking over the church. The church was becoming a valuable commodity that had power and prestige.

A lot of simple folk were attracted to a message of the heart and especially with the conversion of Rome politics came into this in a very big way. So this was a big thing and the first thing they did was get rid of the the mystics, especially the organic Gnostics. These were the ancient people, who had lived in that area. The original Gaia inhabitants that had a true genetic connection to the earth.

The sense of self and the development of the soul was to remain secret and to belong only to the literate and superior upper classes. They needed to find a way to control the masses.

The ordinary people didn’t know how to read and write. They just believed in their heart. But they did have an organic connection to the earth and to each other and they remembered the old teachings of sexuality and the balance of male and female. This happened during the first few centuries of Christianity.

After the crucifixion of Jesus Tantrism began to emerge in the near East or Eastern Europe. This included the entire area from India up through the Balkans. It was Tantrism that created a new spiritual and religious trend. Everybody wanted to get in on it. It especially appealed to the common people, and if you remember Jesus actually reached out to these same common and simple folk.

I think there’s a good possibility that this was the real message that he was teaching. It was the balance of male and female within each person and how, through love relationships and through human sexuality the immortal human soul was developed.

This movement penetrated everywhere. It heavily influenced Hinduism, but that was not the only thing it influenced. It also influenced yoga schools in Buddhism.

Buddhism was given a brand-new shot in the arm by this new current that was called the way of the diamond or the thunderbolt. It taught how to develop the immortal thunderbolt body or the diamond body.

The Church taught that the way to develop the soul was to deny the physical. Tantrism was the opposite. It taught that it was the excessive generation of physical energies, especially sexual energies that caused the creation and development of the immortal soul body. The immortal soul body was more than pure mental energy. It also included all the other energies that was possible for the human body to experience.

It was mental energy plus it was Etheric energy. It granted the development of magical abilities. This was a magical current and it was considered a path of action, not ritualism and not contemplation. This was a path of practical realization and direct experience. If it didn’t work, if you didn’t get immediate results then you could go someplace else.

That was what was so profound about Tantrism and its sexual secrets. They were the secrets of using the energies of the body. The secrets of awakening the male and female forces inside the body through physical excesses, not through denial. It was the beginning of what has been called the left-hand path.

The denial of the physical body is the right-hand path. It’s that simple.

You develop the soul by stressing the physical body through excess. The martial arts also taught how you could build the immortal physical body through the generation of excessive physical energies.

But western Europe and the Christian church took what was called the right-hand path which was the denial of the physical body. The denial of everything below the head.

This new teaching of Tantrism was profoundly different and it was a danger to the existence of the church. That is why the church was so against sexuality and against the female because this new teaching was a continuation of the female current and of goddess worship. This balance of male and female required the female to play a very important role and that was a big threat to the patriarchal anti-female Christian church that was forming in Constantinople.

We are talking about the third and fourth century of early Christianity. This was happening and we don’t hear a thing about it. That’s how suppressed these teachings of Organic Gnosticism were.

The hidden meaning of Tantra is to weave and these teachings taught how to weave male and female energies together in the creation of the human soul. This was the secret teaching and it came out of nowhere a few centuries after the beginnings of Christianity.

I have no doubt in my mind that these teachings were part of the secret teachings that Jesus taught to the common people. The common folk were attracted to these kinds of things.

The educated elite were trying to get in their head and create the soul out of the marriage of Christ and Sophia. They wanted nothing to do with Tantrism. They called it satanic.

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