13th Century Courtly Love Part 3

Today we are going to finish off this three-part series on the 13th century and courtly love. The 13th century and courtly love was very significant in the women’s movement and in a span of 50 years, women went from being totally disregarded to the status of honored lady and this happened on such a profound level and in so many different areas of life that it’s worth talking about. Especially because in today’s world we are dealing with a similar reemergence and rising of the feminine,

It’s interesting to speculate on what is going to happen to modern society in the next 50 years. But what happened back in the 13th century can give us some clues.

A new type of literature was invented called the romance. The romance was adventurous fiction combined with love and romance and the ladies loved it!

Some of the most popular romances were about King Arthur and the Knights of the round table. This was also the beginning of the age of chivalry where the knight errant went on a quest in search of or doing something for his lady.

We’ve talked about the importance of education and literacy and how literacy belonged only to the aristocracy. The common people were not literate, however these new types of fiction stories had people talking. Plays did the same thing and they gave the general population opportunity and exposure to these new concepts and ideas that they wouldn’t normally have access to. This was profound and the common people were getting introduced to new ideas for the very first time.

These concepts crept into the Church itself. The divine feminine came into being with the Virgin Mary becoming Holy Mary Mother of God and Our Lady. She was seen as a warm, compassionate mother to the poor and wretched.

Now this was not in the original plan of the Church. It was an embarrassment to the Church which they didn’t really know the best way of dealing with. So they just let it be. At the same time sexuality became widely accepted. This was a very sexual and sensual period in world history. It was accompanied by the spread of incubus and succubus experiences in association with courtly love.

Let’s face it, the incubus and succubus are actually personality fragments that we give off when generating too much sexual energy and they go out and are attracted to appropriate people. But it’s unconscious. It’s not happening on a conscious level and these experiences are distorted so they were causing a rampant increase in so called demonic attacks.

The monasteries and convents were filled with monks and nuns that were horny as hell. They were having these weird dreams and these incubus and succubus experiences were happening at unprecedented rate. It was even worse than it had been back in the dark ages.
This happens anytime many people are working strongly with sexual energies. These are magical energies and they are happening on the lower astral levels.

So you are going to get a corresponding revival or interest in magic, witchcraft and demonic activity. I said demonic because the incubus and succubus are always considered demonic in origin and not understood for what they really are.

These were the things that led up to the holy inquisition and the persecution of witches.

I’m just going to bring up a few numbers so you get an idea of what was happening.

In the Swiss canton of Vaud 3,371 witches died between the years 1591 and 1680. In the year 1562 in the little town of Weisensteig in Germany 63 women were burned. In Obermarchtal, 54 persons, or 7% of the population were burned at the stake in two years. In Oppenau 50 out of a population of 650 were burned at the stake in nine months.

Just think about these numbers for a minute and realize that this was happening all over!

The Church was trying to deal with rampant sexuality and the chastity belt was invented in the late 14th century or early 15th century.

French and German historians refer to the 15th century as the age of bastards! There were so many illegitimate children being born. Prostitution flourished and for the first time temple prostitution came to Europe.

This might be hard to believe, but there was a Church brothel in Avignon where the girls spent part of their time in prayer and meditation and the rest of the time servicing customers, but only Christian customers, of course, Pope Julius II was so impressed that he founded a brothel like it in Rome itself.

This was also the age of Philip Philip the fair, the king of France. He’s the one that had the head of the Knights Templar arrested.

The church was really having a hard time trying to get a grip on things.

Let’s say just a little bit about King Philip’s daughters-in-law. Margarette was charged with sorcery and thrown into a hole in the ground. His second daughter-in-law Jean was strangled and a third was raped and became pregnant by the hangman’s assistant while in a dungeon.

Philip the fair himself, and his wife were poisoned. All of these things were symptoms of rampant sexuality because they were dealing with lower-level astral energies and the accusations of sorcery and witchcraft. It was a very magical time in human history.